Sunday Services 9AM & 10:30AM | Online Services 6PM Sunday & Tuesday

Real Life Kidz

Investing, Inviting, and Involving Kidz

to discover their real life in Christ.
At Real Life Church, we believe that God wants to connect with all of his children, even the youngest ones! Every Sunday, Real Life Kidz creates an atmosphere where your kids want to be and God wants to show up!
1st Service Check-in Time is 8:30AM - 9AM,
2nd Service Check-in Time is 10:10AM - 10:30AM
and check-out is always at the end of service.

Sunday Mornings

Game Time

Before each service*, the kids get to play all kinds of arcade games and play on a bounce house! This gives the kids the perfect opportunity to have fun, make friends, and get comfortable before service starts.

*Game time is only before service starts, and it ends when service begins. Be sure to get your kids to church early if they want to play games!

Service Time

The fun atmosphere before service helps the kids see that church doesn't have to be boring. During service, the kids have become so comfortable that they are excited to be involved with the whole service. From praise and worship to the lesson, the kids get to not only continue the fun but also learn about the Word of God!